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I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me. - Jesus in John 17:21

“…that they will all be one” - that is what Jesus prayed for His followers, all of us who have followed in His great mission. 

He knew we would be Better Together, together in mind, spirit, love, unity, mission, fellowship, support, and service. 

With so much division in the world, the followers of Jesus should shine bright in their unity around His cause, His purpose and above all, around Him. It is so valuable because it is so rare – followers of Jesus working together in harmony and together in peace. 

Better Together – being one in Christ – is a proof to the world that the Father truly did send the Son into the world. Our unity is to be a reason for others to believe in Him. That is why Better Together is so important. 

This Thanksgiving we want to be part of the answer to the prayer of Jesus by partnering with two churches, Trinity Church and New Church, for the Family-to-Family Thanksgiving Food Distribution to bless families in our Old Town community. 

Trinity Church meets in our facility on Sunday evenings, and we have formed a great relationship with them over the last two years. Derek Radney, the pastor of Trinity, has become a good friend. We have shared meals together, prayed together, and encouraged each other. I love his heart for and knowledge of God’s Word, his love for the people of Trinity, and his kingdom outlook. Trinity has been a great blessing to Bridges as we share the facility together and have worked behind the scenes to the edification of both churches. 

New Church is in the process of renovating the movie theater where Bridges started, and they hope to move in very soon for their very first permanent facility. Their pastor, Matt Richardson, and I have also become good friends since he got here right at the beginning of Covid. Matt and I have a lot in common including shared values, theology, methodology and above all a love for Jesus. God is doing great things at New Church, and I look forward with anticipation for what He will do next in and through this church. 

I am excited that God has brought us together for this project to serve the community this Thanksgiving. 

The basic idea is that we are asking families, small groups, and individuals to pick up a bag and a list of Thanksgiving food items, purchase the items, and then return the bag of food to be distributed Saturday, November 20 at Old Town Elementary. The school is providing a list of families who will receive food that day. Our goal is 200 families!

You can pick up a list and a bag Sunday, Nov. 7 and 14, 9am - 12pm or contact the church at (We are also looking for volunteers to help distribute the food that day as well.) 

If you would prefer to donate money, that works too. The items should cost between $30-35 (which includes a gift card for them to buy meat/frozen foods). You can choose to do a Traditional Meal or Hispanic Meal or 1 of each. 

Bags with food are to be returned Sunday, November 14, 9am - 12pm or Friday, November 19 at the food pantry distribution, 9:30-11:00am or 6:00-7:00pm. 

Check out the announcement in this newsletter for more details. 

Our goal is to bless the families of our community with a tangible expression of the love of God and a vision of what it looks like when God’s people come together as one because we are Better Together