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Hang in there! Christmas is Coming! 

In a world that seems upside down and backwards at times, it is good to know that Christmas is still coming. We live in a world where the Savior was born. We have hope and know that we are loved!

This Christmas, when everything may be stripped away and celebrations are different, Jesus is the constant. He came into the world, became one of us, lived among us, died and rose again so that we might live. The angels were right - this is Good News of Great Joy. 

Hang in there. Christmas is almost here. God's got you. He's still in control and for one more year, over 2,000 of them so far, we will celebrate the birth of our Savior. 

Please join us online for our Christmas Eve Service starting Thursday, December 24 at 4pm on Facebook Live. It will be posted there and any time after that, when it is convenient for you, you can experience it. It is something you can get together as family or friends to experience or by yourself. We will miss being all together for this service, but know that we celebrate in spirit together and our prayers are with you. We look forward to that time we can all gather together again to worship together. Until then, we are praying for you and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!