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Disconnected is a word you hear a lot these days. We all feel disconnected. It's been a hard year for that. None of us probably thought it would be like this for so long. 

In almost every meeting I have had with other pastors or with those who have connections with other church leaders, "disconnected" is part of every conversation. If you feel that way, please know that you are not alone. We are connected by our feelings of being disconnected. 

It's hard. It's been a long time. 

However, there are some real, practical ways to deal with it. Here are my top 5:

  1. Connect with God through a Daily Time with Him: This is the #1 thing for us to do. Take time daily to be with Him in prayer - tell Him how you feel. Pour out your complaints to Him, your hurts, your loneliness, your frustrations. Be open with Him. Reflect on His Word. Connect with a verse a day through YouVersion or K-Love or Air1 or many other places and allow God to speak with you. Start a prayer journal - on your phone or on paper. Pour out your feelings and thoughts to Him. He will meet you there. Being disconnected is a time to reconnect with God daily.
  2. Connect with the church for Worship on Sunday Mornings: I know some of you cannot make it to worship services on Sundays due to health concerns, but for those who can, please come. Even with limited space we still have not come close to capacity for our services yet. There is room for you. Yes, you still have to wear a mask, but I will tell you, I have gotten used to it and I am there for 2 services. Safety precautions are in place, and we are there to greet you and connect with you. Sign-ups are available weekly.
  3. Connect with Others through a Watch Party: If you do not feel comfortable yet coming back to in person gatherings at the church facility, create your own gathering at home with those you feel comfortable being around. Limit the number of people, but invite people over and watch the service together, pray together and share a meal or snacks together. This is what many churches are doing, creating micro groups. Remember where two or more are gathered together, Jesus is in their midst.
  4. Join a Small Group: Small Groups will be starting in January. Get connected with others either in person, in a hybrid group or an online group. We will have them all. It's great to be with others who are praying for you, connecting with you and growing with you. If you have never been in a small group or took a break, this would be a great time to take that step and get connected. Be proactive. Seek out real fellowship. Small Groups are our best way to overcome disconnection. Hang in there until then, you can do it. Sign-ups will begin in a few weeks. 
  5. Create a Group Around a "YouVersion" Study: YouVersion has some great daily studies you can do with others. You can pick a topic together and each day read a short devotion/reading & Scripture and then connect through responding to each other. I love them. If you want to start one, pray about whom to ask, connect with them and get started. If you need any help with it, please contact us. If you want to be part of a group, let us know that too. We want to connect everyone. We are here to help you.

These are just some ways to get connected in a disconnected world. 

Being disconnected leads to spiritual "dis-ease"; our souls become weary. Being connected leads to life and health. 

If you are feeling disconnected today, please take some steps to be connected. Contact us and we can help you through it. 

We are praying for you and know how hard this time is. We are all going through it. Hang in there. Rest in Christ and He will lead us through. 

One day we will be able to regather again, and we will get through it. God is in control. He is our refuge and strength. 

Be connected with Him, abide in Him, find life in Him. 

God's best for you.