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The (angels) said to them, “Why do you seek the living among the dead? 
He is not here, but has risen."
- Luke 24:5-6 
Easter is almost here. In a time when we need hope like perhaps never before, Jesus comes to us and reminds us - He has Risen - believe and have hope. 
Our world needs hope. Bibles are selling out across the country. People are seeking answers. They are afraid, worried and anxious. They are looking for God. 
This Easter we are reminded that Jesus is our source of hope in all things. He overcame death and rose again. What will we face that can ever match up with that?
This Easter, there are opportunities to share this hope with others as never before. People who may not ever want to attend church might be willing to watch online.  It's less of a commitment and less intimidating. If they do watch, they will hear the Gospel message and know that Jesus is alive. It may change their lives forever. Jesus can bring life from death - He can change hearts - He can move mountains. Don't ever think that something is impossible - not with Jesus. 
So...invite people to watch our Easter Services online through Facebook Live @ 9 & 11am. Start a Watch Party. Share the services with others. Pray for them. Pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to them - that they see Jesus and experience Him - that their lives are transformed - that something good and powerful can come from all of this happening in our world. 
Easter is coming. Jesus is risen! Millions and perhaps billions will be watching services online in what may be the greatest Gospel presentation of all time. 
May God use this time for His glory and His Name's sake as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 
Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!