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The Gift Mart is back after a long 4 year break!

The Gift Mart is a wonderful way to share the love of Christ with families in our community at Old Town Elementary this Christmas.

This is the way it works. We donate toys. We’ll need about 1,000.

On Saturday morning, December 3, parents chosen by Old Town Elementary will arrive at school and will be able to “shop” for presents for their children in a “store” set up for them. All gifts will be priced from $1-$5. That way the gifts are from their parents, not a handout, but a way to partner together with dignity and grace. All monies will go back to the Backpack Program that benefits the children of the school.

While the parents are shopping, their children will be doing a craft in another room. Before the families leave, the presents will be wrapped, ready to take home and all ready for Christmas.

The day is one of joy as we are together as community, volunteers, Old Town staff, and families in a place filled with Christmas decorations and music, toys and smiles, laughter and a true sense of togetherness all centered on the celebration of the birth of our Savior.

Volunteers are needed of course, along with donated new toys. The more of each the better. Invite a friend or family to help. Enlist others to donate toys. Get your whole family involved. Experience the joy of giving of yourself at Christmas.

To find out more, donate, and sign up to volunteer, click this link - GIFT MART.

For our Bridges Church family, this is a great way to put into practice loving our neighbors as ourselves at Christmas, in honor of Jesus, whose birthday we celebrate.

Praying for a great day. Hope to see you there.