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Sunday is the day we stop and honor our mothers, though this is something we probably should do on a daily basis. It’s not an easy job.

In the Bible, there are several mothers who are part of the Gospel story.

Eve – the first, who had no example to follow.

Sarah – the great mother of faith who waited for years.

Hagar – the one who was rejected but discovered God’s grace.

Rebekah – the one willing to leave everything behind.

Leah, Rachel, Bilhah, and Zilpha – the mothers of the 12 tribes.

Jochebed – the mother who was willing to face great danger.

Naomi – the faithful mother-in-law

Elizabeth – the mother who lived by faith.

Mary – the most blessed, the mother of the Savior.

& Hannah – the one who pleaded with God for a child

Hannah is a standout to me. The mother of Samuel, she endured ridicule and heart break, but when it came time to give her son back to God, she did so willingly and courageously. Her great concern was that he would live a life dedicated to God, his best and most blessed life. Her story (1 Samuel 1, 2) lives on as an example of sacrifice and faith, of a willingness to put God’s agenda before her own, trusting that it would all work out and it did. From afar, she watched God work in her son’s life as God built a kingdom through him. Her own loss was her people’s and nation’s gain.

This Mother’s Day is a day to recognize all of our moms and the great examples they set and the love they give. We are grateful for them and grateful to our God who has given them to us as an amazing gift.

Thank you to all our moms and may God continue to bless you as He has blessed us through you.

Happy Mother’s Day!