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But the angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, for He has risen, as he said. 
- Matthew 28:5,6 

For years I taught Bible at a Christian High School in Southern California, and each year, I would show my classes a video of Tony Campolo, one of the most passionate speakers I have ever seen. 

In this particular video, he explained that one year, he was one of many preachers who spoke on a particular Sunday. He spoke early and did his best to explain what Easter was all about. He was followed by the senior pastor, who gave a sermon that has lived on for years. 

The sermon was entitled "It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming."  It was a powerful moment for all who were there. It captured the truth that Easter brings out of the despair of Good Friday. 

On Good Friday, all seemed lost. Barabbas was released. Jesus was crucified. The disciples were scattered. The Jewish & Roman leaders appeared to have won. The world was in darkness. The grave was sealed. Hope was lost. 

It was Friday, but Sunday was coming. 

Sunday is Easter! Sunday is victory. Sunday is life and hope. Sunday is promises answered. Sunday is a Risen Savior. Sunday is freedom. Sunday is life. Sunday changed our world. Sunday is our hope. Sunday is restoration. Sunday is Jesus Alive! 

Sometimes, it feels like Friday. Life doesn't always go as planned, expected or hoped. Life can be hard. Life can be confusing, frustrating, and not for the faint in heart. 

Friday is a year and more of covid. Friday is isolation, and dreams put on hold. Friday is closed doors. Friday is promises broken. Friday is being let down by others. Friday is delay after delay. Friday is...well, you fill in the blank. 

But Sunday is coming! 

God has a plan. He is still here. He is still at work. He still loves, and He still rolls away stones. He still brings dreams back to life. He still answers prayers. He still keeps promises. He still brings light in the darkness. He still knocks down walls. He still brings life to places that seem dead and beyond hope. 

Today, as this goes out, it is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday. Then the day after that is Easter. Sunday is coming!

It's Friday, but Sunday is coming! God has not changed. 

Join us to celebrate Jesus this Easter - Sunday, April 4, online or onsite, 9am & 11am. It's Friday - you'll want to be together on Sunday! 

Also, join us tonight, Friday, April 2 at 7pm for our Good Friday Worship Service, online and onsite.