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Each month we want to highlight one of our Missions Partners who help spread the Gospel throughout the world.

This month we are focusing on Kevin Boyd with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. Kevin has been a great friend to Bridges, helping to equip us with tools to read and study God’s Word, by providing training to our Small Groups leaders, and by teaching on Sunday’s. Here is a chance to get to know him a little better.

Kevin Boyd

Director of Biblical Education, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

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What are the top 3 things people should know about your ministry?

In a time of rising biblical illiteracy, I serve as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA’s Director of Biblical Education. I like to say that I help make the Bible either more or less confusing for people, depending on their need.

Our 1,200+ field staff work with thousands of college and university students across the country, and most of them have a felt need for training, teaching, and coaching to help lead students into transformative encounters with God through Scripture. This is where I (and my team, the Scripture Engagement department) come in. My years of campus ministry experience combined with my biblical studies education have helped prepare me well for this role, and I really enjoy it!

I recently led a local staff team through a new course I developed called 'Pain & Prophecy: Engaging Jeremiah in a Season of Disruption'. We spent three days taking a deep dive into five key passages, exploring what God might be saying to us about following Him when things are tough. When asked what they were taking away from the experience in Jeremiah, one staff commented, “God never stopped (or stops) being King, even through the rise and fall of earthly kings and kingdoms.”

What is 1 key thing people should know about you? 

Growing up, both my dad and grandfather were often out tinkering in the garage or shop, so I developed an early interest in working with my hands. In the last few years, that’s grown into a love of woodworking as a serious hobby (and even part-time employment on the side). To date, I’ve made dining tables, cabinets, cutting boards, jewelry boxes, and built-in bookcases. I’m learning how creativity—in any form—reflects our good Creator God who gave us the gift of turning raw materials into works that can bless others. I’m still working on getting my side project, Tobelo Custom Woodwork, up and running but if you have a project on your horizon, feel free to reach out!

What does following Jesus look like in your life? 

Over the years, I’ve realized that prayer is most helpful and engaging for me when I’m moving (walking/running, mowing the grass, doing a woodworking project). In addition, listening to Scripture read out loud has become a helpful discipline; a few tools that I’ve found for this are Pray As You Go, audio Bibles (the YouVersion app has free ones built in), as well as organizing what we call ‘Big Read’ groups where communities listen to one another reading the text (the way the original audiences of Scripture would have experienced it) and discussing what stood out to them. I’d encourage anyone to give this a try!

How can we be praying for you?

Here are a few things:

  • My family has been in a season of transition and change, some of which is painful, some of which is exciting and joy-filled; I would love prayers especially for my kids (Jace, 14; Zoe, 12) to come out of this time with a deeper knowledge of God and of His love for them
  • I will be spending most of this fall focused on ministry partner development (fundraising), since I need to locate an honestly intimidating amount of new or increased financial partnership to cover the costs associated with my ministry role.
  • Pray for God to provide what is needed.
  • Pray for my faith to increase regardless of the experience.
  • Pray for our staff and student leaders across the country who will be leading their friends into transformative encounters with Jesus through Scripture

Please join us in praying for Kevin, his family and his ministry with Intervarsity.