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Multiply 3.0 is off to a good start - almost $1,000 in donations/sales so far! That is great, and we are really just at the very beginning. 

In case you haven't heard, Multiply 3.0 - The Next Level is our fundraiser for our Bridging the Gap Ministry Center (food pantry, clothes closet, backpack program) and a brand-new initiative, the Child Development Center (an afterschool & summer mentoring program). You can find out more about both here ....

I am very excited about the potential in what is happening. We invested over $3,000 with over 27 families who will put it to work and return what the Lord multiplies. (There's more $ available for anyone who needs it for a project.) God is always working in and through people and when that happens it is exciting to see and experience His presence. 

I thought I would share my top 5 reasons why I am excited about Multiply 3.0 - The Next Level.

 #5 - There's something for everyone; everyone can participate. There's a yard sale July 24 - everyone has something they can donate. There are eggs for sale - everyone can eat eggs. (Ok, not everyone, but you could buy some and take them around to your neighbors as one person in our church did as a way to get to know them - great idea!) There is organic chicken meat for sale - everyone loves chicken! There're some cool projects you can either donate toward or join in on - There's a shop with all kinds of things being sold from peanuts to perineals to pickleballs to a cake raffle to fire starters (Jenny's Fire Cakes.) And there's room for more. ( - click through the Multiply 3.0 Logo and then scroll down to the "Visit the Shop" button.) Need ideas, potential partners, something to do? Contact us at  



#4 - The Silent Auction. There are some great donations - Oil Changes! Tickets to the musicals Beautiful: The Carol King Musical, Wicked, and the one that may be the most exciting - Hamilton. You can place your bids here by clicking the link below the pictures.

Maybe you have something you want to donate to the Silent Auction. Contact us at and we will get it all set up for you. 

#3 - The Cornhole Tournament - August 21. We've talked about it for years and now it's almost here. I will be practicing! Be thinking about who you want on your team. There will be categories for different groups. Look for more info to come very soon. 

#2 - The Child Development Program - This has been a dream since we launched Bridges. It will be an opportunity to make a lasting difference in our community. There are so many problems in our world and so much brokenness. It's easy to stand back, throw up our hands and give up. But that's not the way of Jesus. He calls us to "let the children come to Him" and that's what we intend to do - create an environment where they can discover the God who made them and be equipped to live the life He created them to live. We hope to start this afterschool and summer mentoring and tutoring program in the 2021/2022 school year. Check out The Child Development Center page to learn all about it. I can almost see it up and running. It is our goal to bring "...hope to our community one child at a time." 

#1 - It's a Step of Faith! Our goal is $42,500. That's a big goal, an impossible goal - on our own, ..."but with God all things are possible." I think above everything else, I want us all to see God at work, to see His glory and power, and in that we grow in our love for Him and our faith in Him. For every one of us, this is an opportunity to step out in faith and trust God to work in and through us. That is more important than any other aspect of Multiply 3.0 - The Next Level - the opportunity to partner with God to see real change and transformation happen in our community! (starting in our own hearts) 

For my project, I am part of the 100-Mile Challenge Team, with the goal of walking/kayaking 100 miles in our state parks this summer. Our first hike was last week, and it was a blast. It felt good to get started - 11.5 miles hiking in Pilot Mt. State Park. 11.5 miles in - 88.5 miles to go. But the big thing was doing it together as a group. Beyond going 100 miles, we are growing in our walk with Jesus and our relationships with one another. I am excited to think about how God will use all of us to bring Him greater glory! (Want to join us? We would love to have you - 


Multiply 3.0 - The Next Level is here. Please be in prayer for us as we take this journey. Anyone can contribute. It would be great to have everyone jump in and see what God does!

It's an exciting time at Bridges Church.

For more info -