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We ought always to give thanks to God for you, brothers as is right, because your faith is growing abundantly, and the love of every one of you for one another is increasing. - 2 Thessalonians 1:3 

"Your faith is growing abundantly" and "your love is increasing." Following Jesus is about growing in our trust in Him and our love for Him and His people. Growth. Love. Faith. Trusting Jesus more today than yesterday and then even more tomorrow. This is what Jesus is looking for in us. 

That is what Multiply 3.0 - The Next Level is all about, taking another step of faith with a greater challenge, looking to meet a greater need, going a little deeper, loving Jesus and the community that much more. 

Multiply 3.0 - the Next Level is our next step in the growth of our faith as a church, helping to expand the reach of our nonprofit, Bridging the Gap. This year we are still giving out $5,000, $100 at a time, for the church to multiply and then return by August 22, 2021, but we are raising the stakes. 

Like the last two years, the first $17,500 will be going toward the Bridging the Gap Ministry Center to serve the community, but this year we are taking another big step! This year we are looking to establish the Bridging the Gap Child Development Program, after school and summer mentoring and tutoring opportunities for children in our community.  It will be designed to help them discover who God designed them to be and what He designed them to do. At its core, it will be about introducing them to Jesus Christ and doing all we can to help them break the chains of poverty in Jesus' Name. We are looking to raise $25,000 to get that started. 

That brings us to the total goal - $42,500.00! That is a big step of faith. What looks impossible to us is possible through Him. 

With the effects of Covid-19 on our community, we felt like the time was now to get started really addressing the needs of children here in the Old Town area. The establishment of the Childhood Development Program is a big step in truly making a difference in the lives of individual children. 

So, we are asking everyone to pray, seek God, listen, and then do whatever He tells you to do. Sell something, do something for someone, do something extraordinary, ask for people to sponsor you, start a fundraiser, join with others, and look to multiply what you have received.  

If you were not at church on May 23 to receive the $100 seed money, it will be available again this Sunday after each service and at the Summer Kickoff this Monday, May 31, 11am - 2pm. We can also send it to you if necessary - just contact us at 

Look for more information to come soon. For now, pray, listen and prepare. 

This is a 3-month journey of faith, May 23 - August 22. Along the way, we are trusting God to do extraordinary things. His love for the people of this community is infinite. We want to do what we can to see them experience His love in tangible and practical ways. Our prayer is that real life transformation happens, and that others see His work and desire to know Him. 

Looking forward to seeing what He does. Thank you. For more information, contact us at