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1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV

I was living my normal life with a typical daily routine. Obviously life is different with Covid 19 but I had worked out a nice balanced schedule of working around the house and working at a part time job in my retirement days. Then a diagnosis of cancer basically changed everything for me. I have great DNA in my family history so I felt somewhat invulnerable from any big health concerns. But then life throws you a big curve and I believe how you react to bad circumstances is a big indicator where you are spiritually. At least for me, my cancer diagnosis showed me more clearly who I was connected to. Here’s what I mean...

My relationship with God gave me a person I could trust through anything and He gave me a peace that passes all understanding. My own family gave me encouragement and prayers that lifted me up and gave me incredible hope. My church family showed me love and prayers that carried me through to now and the days ahead.
So I can rejoice always (I do pray more often than before) and I can give thanks in ALL circumstances because I know without a doubt God is with me each step of the way.

I trust that He does work out all things for good.

Staying connected to our heavenly Father is the best way to go through all circumstances! Amen!

Thanks for all of your prayers church family.