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Spiritual growth is a process of walking with the Spirit and growing to become more and more like Jesus. Sometimes we hit a growth spurt, and it feels like God is teaching us something new every day. We sense His presence. We find ourselves seeing connections between what we read in Scripture and what we hear over here or over there. It all ties together. It is exciting. God is speaking. Our worship time is life giving. We feel refreshed and alive.

Other times, it may feel like a slog. God seems quiet or distant. We feel stalled. Nothing comes easily. We are dry, thirsty, and want more.

And it is hard sometimes to see growth, especially in the short term. Over time, we can look back and see how far God has brought us. But the question remains, how can we know if we are really making progress? Is change really happening? And if not, are there things we can do to get things moving again?

A few years ago, we sent out a survey, the REVEAL study, to help us determine where we were as individuals and as a church in our walk with Jesus. The study helped us understand if we were stalled, moving forward or in a growth spurt and also helped us know where we were in a spiritual continuum – either Exploring Christ, Growing in Christ, Close to Christ, or Christ Centered. We used this information to adjust what we were doing to better help us as a church family to grow together.

Then Covid hit.

And for many people, life got turned upside down. Good habits fell away. It was easy to get a bit lost, a bit weary, a bit spiritually dehydrated.

Today, it feels like a new wind is blowing though. New life is returning. It’s like Spring is coming and with it is coming new growth.

So, we want to take the REVEAL Study again to see where we are and how to move forward. It’s a snapshot for where we are spiritually in this new season.

We want to help you see where you are and possible next steps for you. While the survey is anonymous, you will get your results at the end and if you save the results or email them to yourself you can begin to take steps to continue to grow.

So, here’s what we want you to do if you haven’t already.

  1. Take the survey using the links below.
  2. Save the results.
  3. If you want to develop a plan to move forward, contact us at and we’ll set up a time to develop a specific plan for you.
  4. Pray for the church body to continue to grow and become more like Jesus.

The Survey ends February 26 at 11pm.

Becoming more and more like Jesus is where we find life, where we are most effective and where we bring glory to God. It matters. Our hope is that 2023 is a year of great growth at Bridges and a year we will all point back to in the future as a year God did some amazing things in our lives. Let’s keep moving forward!



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