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Thank you for everyone who took the REVEAL Survey.  It all came together and there is a lot to learn from it.  Here are some takeaways:


  1. There were exactly the same number of respondents as last year - 68.

  2. There was real spiritual growth over the past year. The Spiritual Vitality Index - a measurement that looks at how well we put our faith into action, participate in personal spiritual practices and create opportunities for everyone to grow - went up from a 75 to a 99. That's as high as a church can score. That is tremendous and shows God's work in our lives. Getting that score up was our focus this year, and it really did. From the Multiply It Campaign to the "Who's Your One" & "Invite Your One Series", to moving to inductive Bible studies, & to our focus on how to share our faith - all of these came together under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. 

  3. Our scores for the 5 Best Practices that help churches advance spiritual growth - Get People Moving, Embed the Bible in Everything, Create Ownership, Pastor the Local Community, and Christ-Centered Leadership - were all well above average. 
  4. Bridges again placed in the Vibrant Church category, the highest of the 8 church archetypes. A vibrant church is marked by growing attendance and spirituality, high church approval, and creating a culture that challenges people to grow. Only 8% of all churches fall into this category.   

  5. There is still much work to be done:

    1. Personal Evangelism/Outreach still has room for improvement as well as Serving Others on our own. 

    2. While our offerings are up at Bridges, we rated ourselves as less than average in the area of tithing and giving. This is more of a faith issue in our relationship with God than a financial issue. 

    3. Our number of people who placed in the Close to Christ category dropped quite a bit. Some moved into the Christ-Centered category but most dropped down to Growing in Christ. Something for us to work on as we want everyone moving toward being Christ -centered. 

    4. There are other areas we will be working in the coming year - so let's continue to work together to become all that God has called us to be. 

Thank you again to everyone who participated and thank you to all our leaders who work so hard putting in countless hours pouring their lives into others. 
If you did not get a chance to take the survey but want to, check it out on our website- - under "About" and then "Next Steps". At the end you will receive information re: your spiritual growth to help you take next steps. 
God is leading us to even greater vitality and love for Him and others. What a journey it is.