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Show me the right path, O Lord; Point me to the road for me to follow. - Psalm 25:4 

Have you ever felt that strange combination of nerves and excitement at the same time? 

Maybe on the crest of that first hill on a roller coaster right before heading over the top?

Or as you are about do something for the first time? 

Or go somewhere you have never been before?

An interview for a job? A tryout for a sport? 

Drive a car for the first time, cook your first meal for someone, start your first day at a new job or a new school? 

What will happen? What will it be like? What will I do? How will I react?

Excitement and nerves mixed together. Butterflies in the stomach. Possibilities - opportunities - risk - reward. 

For many years I led mission trips to Mexico and to Guatemala, and each time I had those feelings - excitement and nerves, both building up. So many unknowns and so many possibilities ahead. What will we face? How will everyone do? Will there be anything that we can't handle? What will God do? How will this change us? 

It is the same feeling I get hiking a mountain trail for the first time. How steep will it be? What will I experience along the way? Will there be a great vista at the top or will the clouds come and hide everything? Nerves and excitement. A sense of dread and a sense of expectation. 

We start ROOTED this Sunday and I am feeling all of this. There is so much possibility for our church to really grow, dig our spiritual roots deep in Jesus, build our lives on Him, grow in our faith and be filled with thanksgiving. 

Small Groups are starting with the potential for building deep relationships. A new Multiply Campaign is being launched with the hope of seeing great things for our Ministry Center and for us to take great steps of faith. There are daily devotionals that will help us in our every day walk with Jesus. There is a Prayer Expereince that may forever change how we approach God. We will be given the chance to confront strong holds in our lives and experience real freedom. 

And at the end, we are already planning a Celebration filled with worship and thanksgiving and stories of life change - stories that haven't even been written yet.  

Yet, with Covid-19, we have had to make a lot of adjustments. Everything takes a little longer. Everything is a little tougher. Communication is harder. Logistics are more complicated. 

Our Small Group Leaders are working hard, learning how to lead through zoom and combining in person and online experiences into one cohesive team. Our staff has learned on the fly how to create online services that lead people to experience God, with constant adjustments and improvements. We have come a long way.

All of us have had to learn new things, changing our expectations of what church can be, and learning to depend on God for so much more. 

And that is the key to all of this - when excitement and nerves are building up, that is the time to really depend on God. He is the one in charge. He alone has the power, wisdom and love to bring it all together. We do our part, but the important thing is that He will do His part. And that is what really matters.

Through His power, lives will be transformed. Prayers will be answered. Mountains will be moved. 

  • ROOTED starts this Sunday as we head out on this 10-week experience.
  • Join together for worship on Sundays - online or in person
  • Read the daily devotionals, spend time with God daily, be open to the Spirit's leading
  • Join a Small Group or start a new one to be encouraged and to encourage others along the way.
  • Look for ways to serve
  • Step out in faith and participate in Multiply 2.0 and see what God does
  • Come to the Prayer Experiece either October 1 or October 3 or create your own
  • Be open and ready for your life to be changed
  • Share your story with others so they can know what God is doing
  • Look forward to celebrating everything that God has done

We stand at the bottom of a mountain looking up, ready to meet God. We are excited and nervous at the same time. There is a path that leads updward toward Him. We take that first step on the trail. He is there waiting for us. He will show us the way. 

Be excited! God is at work. 

ROOTED Series: 9.13.2020 - 11.15.2020

ROOTED Devotionals available at the church facility after each service.

Small Groups are still open. Click this link to sign up for a group - Small Group Sign Ups