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This Summer @ Bridges Church there are 2 great ways to grow, build relationships, get involved and connected. Check out the following and take steps to join what God is doing.  

Empowered: Moving with the Spirit 

Mondays - June 6 & 27; July 18; August 8 & 22, 6:30pm-8:00pm 

Join us Monday nights to discover more of what it means to live and walk empowered by the Spirit of God. Each session we will worship together, explore who the Spirit is and what He does through video teachings from the Exponential Conferences, and participate in table discussions with others on the same journey. It is our goal to see everyone live more empowered and fulfilled lives in step with the Spirit.  This study is open to everyone. To sign up and find out more –  

Coming out of Covid, we are sensing a need to do two things: Build Community & Be on Mission, two things that bring people together in powerful ways.  
So, what if we combined these two things?  
So, what if we all decided to focus on building relationships and being on mission at the same time? 
Why not? So, here we go:  
This Summer, we will be forming MULTIPLY GROUPS.
MULTIPLY GROUPS are simple – just groups of people coming together around a shared interest, something like hiking, or fishing, or backyard farming or cooking – the sky’s the limit.  
So, we are looking for people/leaders and ideas to form groups around. Got an idea? Want to start a group? Contact us – .  
The goal is to have groups up and running in June (so send in your ideas by May 31) and just plan to get together at least once or twice this summer just to have fun and meet new people around this shared interest.  
But that’s not all. Another purpose of Multiply Groups is to be on mission together. Community is always stronger when centered around a common mission. (There is a word for this - Communitas – Community on a mission.)  
So, what if you and your group could figure out how to work together using your shared interest to help fund the Bridging the Gap Ministry Center? That’s a MULTIPLY GROUP.   
Here are some ideas: 
Hiking – form a hiking group. Have fun hiking together. Create a challenging hike-invite more people, get sponsors, and raise money.  
Fishing – form a fishing group. Have fun fishing together. Create a fishing tournament – invite more people – raise money.  
Backyard Farming – Form a farming group (anyone interested in backyard farming). Invite people over. Show them how it works. Have fun. Decide on a project together – raise money.  
Sharing a Meal Together – form a cooking and sharing a meal group – invite people over – eat together – have fun – plan a big dinner in the fellowship hall or other place of your choice and sell tickets to others – raise money.  
Line Dancing – form a line dancing group – line dance together – invite more people – create an event – sell tickets, get sponsors – raise money.  
There’s got to be more – more ideas – more interests – more things we can do.  
What do you like to do? Ask God to show you how to use that to build community and be on mission and do what He shows you to do.  
So, we are looking for people/leaders and ideas to form groups around. Got an idea? Want to start a group? Contact us – .  
It looks like it is going to be a great Summer – walking with the Spirit – being in step together – forming communities on mission in MULTIPLY GROUPS and living empowered and fulfilled lives. That sounds exciting. To find out more and get involved –