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give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 
- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

"You have permission to not be thankful this Thanksgiving" - that was a headline I read in the news this week. I don't agree with it. I think it is wrong, and I think it is bad advice. Besides, who is able to give this kind of permission anyway? 

For those of us who follow Jesus, this is probably the best time to be thankful. It's always easier to be thankful when everything is good and everything is going your way. The real trick is being thankful when things are tough and things are not working like you hoped. That's when we see how deep our roots into Jesus really are.  

In midst of any circumstance, no matter how tough, if we have Christ in our life, we have a reason to be thankful. 

He is with us always. 
He will be with us through whatever we are going through. 
We have hope in all things. 
He has a way for us to go. 
We have purpose and meaning in Him. 
We have been given so much. 
We have so much in Him. 
We have salvation in Him - what more is necessary for us to be thankful?

Even in the midst of Covid-19, a circumstance none of us anticipated or wanted, we have so many reasons to be thankful. 

I am thankful for each and every one of you, and for God who has brought us all together. You are such a blessing and a gift from Him. My prayer is that each one of you has a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving. 

And I do want to say, "Thank you" to each and every one of you for being part of the Bridges Family. With all the challenges of Covid-19 you are still living for Christ and being an example of what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus. 

We are truly blessed! 

Happy Thanksgiving!