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Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God. - Ephesians 4:1

From the very beginning, one of our core values as a church has been "Whatever it Takes". It has served us well in so many different areas. 

Setting up and meeting in 4 different locations over the years plus 3 separate venues inside one of the facilities and now online have all taken the grit of whatever it takes. 

Starting a food pantry, clothes closet and backpack program to serve thousands of people over the years has required whatever it takes. 

Facing setbacks and difficulties and roadblocks have taken a whatever it takes determination. 

Whatever it takes means to do whatever we can to live a life worthy of our calling in ways that honor Christ and give Him glory. It means not giving in and not giving up and not compromising along the way. It means looking for solutions and making sacrifices and keeping our eyes on Jesus. It means never losing sight of where God is taking us and why. Whatever it takes is ingrained in our soul as a church. 

I think about the early churches that faced horrendous persecution for their faith and they moved underground, into the catacombs, the cemeteries below the buildings in order to worship together. They were willing to do whatever it takes. 

I think about the churches that meet today under extreme hardships due to poverty or persecution. They have whatever it takes. 

I think about the churches who have brought love and peace in the midst of hatred and violence and poverty and injustice. They demonstrate a whatever it takes attitude. 

Today, we face a multitude of obstacles that could cripple those without resolve and determination. In the midst of a pandemic, social unrest, a hurricane, economic stressors, and so many other issues, a whatever it takes attitude is tested, but if strong will not break. 

As a church we are moving forward with a whatever it takes mentality. No obstacle will stop us from fulfilling our calling to make disciples. We will do whatever it takes to help people walk with Jesus. We'll do whatever it takes to reach people including going online with our services and our small groups. We will find safe ways to meet in person where we can. We will seek out partnerships and resources to serve our community. We will think and pray and rest and wait and then when God opens a door, we will go through it. That's what living a life worthy of our calling is all about. 

This fall, we will be doing whatever it takes to help people become rooted in God's love and faith in Jesus Christ. It is our goal that everyone who calls Bridges home will join us in this journey, ROOTED, September 13 - November 22. It will be a whatever it takes moment in the life of Bridges. 

Join a Small Group. Get a devotional book. Read it daily. Pray and pray some more. Be open to the Spirit's leading. Watch the services online or "mask up" and join us in person. Look for ways to serve. Look for God to move. Don't let obstacles big or small slow you down or stop you. We are here for more than what most people settle for. The kingdom of God is advancing and we are moving forward with it. We walk with Jesus and listen for His voice as He calls us forward with Him. 

We all get one shot at our life here on earth and then for all of eternity we will rest in the presence of the Lord. That is where our calling leads. So, while we are still here on this earth and with every breath we breathe, let's do so in a way that is worthy of our calling and do whatever it takes to follow Jesus and fulfill His work and mission.