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Our leaders are currently working on a plan for reopening our church for onsite worship services. It is our goal to work within our Governor's framework and to put into place protocols and processes to help promote good health and safety. It is uncertain when we may reopen but we will communicate with everyone when we know. Look for a phased plan for reopening soon. 


While we look forward to reopening one day, we also will be continuing to live stream our services from now on for those who are not geographically close, for those not in town due to travel, for those who are sick, and for those who are not yet ready to return. We have invested in new technology to improve our online experience and are also looking for more ways to connect with our extended online Bridges family through new initiatives. This is an exciting new phase in the life of our church.


Thank you for your patience through this time. We are all learning and growing as we face new challenges and opportunities. God has led us this far and He will continue to lead us as we follow Him.