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It All Started with One Question – Would you like to go to church with me? 

I came across an article the other day by someone whose life had been radically changed by Christ and it had all started by a simple question – Would you like to go to church with me?

My life was radically changed at a key point when I was drifting in my relationship with Jesus, a Christian but one in danger of sliding away. It was a simple question, the same question – would you like to go to church with me? - spoken by a friend of mine from school, from France, that had been going to church and was involved in a Bible study for people our age, and he asked me, his friend to go with him. That is how Jesus brought me back to him in a new and purposeful way. My life has never been the same – so much better than before.

What if there is someone out there who needs to hear that question from you?

The article I read was written by Cynthia Cline – someone I do not know, but she made some really good points. She had moved to a new city, was single, getting settled and wanted to find a faith community.

She wrote about her own fears of going to a new church. She had tried to go on her own but got too scared to go. What door do I enter? Are they going to make me stand and introduce myself? How do I know their beliefs align with theirs? And one we can add – Will I be accepted?

She didn’t want people to know that she “… rarely opened up the Bible” and that she “… had questions and wasn’t entirely sure God existed.”

It can be scary and intimidating to go to a church for the first time. What will I find there? What will it be like? Though they may have watched online, it’s not the same in person.

It all changed for her Easter 2014, when a friend asked her, “Would you like to go to church with me?” That led to a new life in Christ.

She had some great tips for how to invite someone.

  1. Invite a friend. Invite them to go with you. Invite them to share a meal with you afterwards. She met her friend and her husband at their home and rode together. Just walking in with someone else made all the difference. You can ask them to meet you in the parking lot, ride together, whatever works best, just be sure to let them know you will be with them.
  2. Pray before inviting them. “Ask the Holy Spirit to prompt you if you should invite someone. If he lays it on your heart to ask, then ask.” One of the worst things to do is to put pressure on yourself to feel like you have to ask someone. If you have read this far, then it means this might be something God is putting on your heart. If so, ask Him who He wants you to ask. It’s not up to you.
  3. Explain what they should expect. What do people wear? How long is the service? Do they serve coffee? What they can expect from the experience – the music, message, atmosphere.
  4. Be by their side throughout. That takes all the pressure off. They are your guest, your friend. Just be there for them.
  5. Follow up later – the best is during a meal together afterward. Ask them what they thought and really listen. See the service from their eyes. Answer any questions they might have. If they want to go again, offer to go with them again – go with them until they feel comfortable to go on their own.

This is what friends do. Walk through it together.

Easter is coming soon. There are people, friends all around us that do not yet know Jesus. Easter is a great reason to ask someone to join you. Ask them and let the Lord work.

Be a friend who invites a friend to know your friend, Jesus.

Easter is April 9. Services are at 9am & 11am.