The Student Ministry at Bridges exists to provide students with opportunities to develop a heart changing relationship with Jesus Christ.  That is part of the reason that we have different kinds of events throughout the year.  They are all intintionally designed to help our students experience God in different ways.  Throughout the school year we get together twice a week, Sunday evenings for Small group in homes, and Wednesday eveinings at church for Youth Group.  Middle School also meets on Sunday mornings during the 11:00am service.  These three times are such an important part of the Student Ministry.  They are where we regularly learn about who Jesus is and what role He plays in our lives.  Getting together every week allows us to get to know each other better and lays the groundwork for the meaningful moments and conversations that have a big impact on students lives.

Parent Cue

Parents, we know you're busy.  It probably seems like there couldn't possibly be time in your schedule to be the primary spiritual influence in your kids life. That is why we want to cue you during specific times of the day to have spiritual conversations that help you reinforce what your child is learning in church.  Watch this video about the Parent Cue App.

September 16th - October 7th

Complicated. Long. Conflicting. Outdated. Contradictory. When it comes to the Bible, you’ve probably heard all that and more from your students. That’s because, for so many of them, the Bible just seems to cause more confusion than clarity. High school is a great time for students to ask questions, express doubts, and wrestle with what they believe in order to develop a personal faith. And maybe nothing brings up more of these types of faith questions than the Bible. What is it? How does it work? And why does everybody say it’s helpful when it doesn’t always feel that way? That’s why, in this series we’ll take a closer look at the documents that make up the Bible, why we trust them, how we use them and why we believe they can be trusted. In other words, we’re talking about the Bible...explained.