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Starting March 7th, we will be re-opening our in-person Children's Ministry environments.  We are very excited to welcome our kids and families back in a safe and socially distanced environment.  We are putting several precautions in place such as:

-Masks for all volunteers

-Masks for all kids 5 years old and up (recommended for kids below 5 years old)

-Frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces including, but not limited to, toys, door knobs, tables and chairs

-Limited number of kids in each room (we will ask families to pre-register kids similar to how we have adults sign-up for service)

-Adjusting our check-in/drop-off process to limit only kids and our volunteers to enter our children's hallway whenever possible

-Asking parents to do a "self-check" prior to attending each week which will include checking their children's temperature at home AND stay home if anyone in the family has as fever of 100.4 or higher, or any other typical COVID symptom such as a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat etc

While we are so excited to get kids and families back in the building, I am just as excited that we will be HYBRID, both in-person and online.  We know we have families who will not be ready to return for various reasons, or who don't live in the area.  We have spent a lot of time and recruited a lot of help getting our PreK and Elementary rooms set up to allow kids online and in-person interact and have their lesson, small group time and even do some activities and games together.

If you have any questions about Hybrid Children's Ministry you can contact me at