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This summer we will be compiling Multiply Groups - groups built around a common interest where you can do things you enjoy together and get a chance to get to know people.

Check back often as we will be adding new groups. If you have any ideas for a group you might want to start, email us at


Jump Off that Couch - Saturdays, August 6, 20 & September 3 from 9:00-9:30am

Looking for and quick & easy way to get in shape? Running not your thing? Want to leave the weights to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Gym classes too intimidating? Did you know that jumping rope is a FUN-TASTIC way to burn fat and tone up?            

It’s cheap, easy, requires no gym membership, and in just 10 minutes a day can improve your fitness! Join Colleen & Sean Bennett for some “how to jump rope” fun! ü  We’ll show you the basics of how to jump rope ü  We’ll tell you about the many benefits of rope jumping that you probably don’t know ü  We’ll have suggestions for some 30-day jump rope challenges for all levels (If you want- NO pressure!) Already a jump rope pro? Up your game – learn how to do double unders!  

Where:  BTG Ministry Center                                        

When:   Saturdays: Auust 6, 20, & September 3 from 9:00 - 9:30am

Come to one, Come to all! Hope to see you there!