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The LORD is our God, and he has given us light! Start the celebration! - Psalm 118:27 (CEV)  

 CELEBRATION - Series: September 11-25, 2022  
Some people are a party ready to happen, any time any place. Other people are so busy working they don’t have time to celebrate anything. Most of us are somewhere in between.  
What if God is calling us to celebrate more?  
What if, in the midst of a broken and dark world filled with all kinds of issues, God wants us to find reasons to celebrate Him and all He is and all He has done? 
He is always at work, shining light in the darkness and bringing good out of bad. That’s a reason to celebrate!  
So, if you want more joy in your life… if you want to enjoy the life God has given you… if you want a reason to celebrate… come with us on this spiritual journey.  
Join us the next two Sundays, September 18 & 25 as we continue the series called, “Celebration”.  
We especially want to invite anyone who has ever been part of the Bridges story to join us on September 25 as we celebrate our 15th Birthday. Between services, there will be a brunch celebration for you to see old friends and make some new ones. Let’s celebrate all the good things God has done in and through us over the past 15 years at this Celebration Service.  
This Sunday, we will celebrate the end of the Multiply 2022: Building Together campaign and announce the total received. It’s not too late to give – and give us even more reason to celebrate. God is still at work.  
Services at 9:00am & 11:00am