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"God is good all the time, and all the time God is good."
Have you ever said that statement before? Did you ever learn that growing up in church? I did. I was taught that at a very young age. Many people have the same experience as well.
The goodness of God is something that we hear constantly. It's in our prayers, songs, sermons, etc. It is something that us as Christians are comforted and strengthened by.
Without having the goodness of God to hold on to, I don't think that we as Christians could make it through this life. When trials and tribulations come, we would not be able to persevere and persist if we did not have the solid hope that God is good. That despite our circumstances or situations, the God that we serve is working out things for His glory and our good. His goodness is what gets us through times of sorrow, grief, anguish, depression, anxiety, etc.
This doctrine isn't just for those who are going through tough and despairing times. This doctrine is also for the ones who are in a season of great joy in the Christian life. Those who are going through a time where life is going great and joy is abundant. These people can rejoice in God and know that their situation is because God is a good God.
Any good gift comes from a good God.
One of my favorite songs that we sing at Bridges is "God you're so good." I love this song because it is a simple declaration of who God is. He is good, and He is worthy of our praise and devotion.
"God you're so good
God you're so good
God you're so good
You're so good to me."
That chorus is centralized and focused on the goodness of God. We know that He is good and we can trust Him with our lives. We can come into His presence and bring Him all the praise and worship that He is worthy of.
If you are in a season of life that is dark, gloomy, joyless, painful, etc., I know that it may be hard at times to see that God is good. The clouds of difficulty and hardship may seem to block out the fact that "God is good all the time, and all the time God is good." But I pray that even in the midst of trials and hard times, you will find the strength to believe that our God is good all the time. That what He does is good even when we can't understand.
If you are on a spiritual mountaintop, this doctrine of the goodness of God should bring you great joy and humble you. God is being gracious and merciful to you, and you should rejoice in Him and His goodness. The joy you experience is because of God. Your joy is from God and should be directed to God.
No matter what this life brings, let's all resolve to trust in the goodness of God. To talk and sing about it as much as we can. Let's be Christians and a church who is always thanking God for His goodness and grace towards us.