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If you didn't know it was the Lent season, you might start to suspect it with all the fast food places offering new fish sandwiches. For some, Lent is the time many go without meat as a type of fasting and instead have fish on Fridays; thus all the commercials for fish. 
Lent started in the early church as a way to prepare their hearts for the celebration of Easter. It was a time for new converts to prepare for baptism and for others to deal with sins in their lives. Overall, it was a time of spiritual renewal, approximately 40 days of spiritual focus, fasting, prayer, confession and commitment to living fully for Jesus. 
While we do not officially celebrate Lent, we do like to take this time for spiritual renewal. Like the early church, we want people to seek seek Christ in greater ways and to take this time to examine their lives. 
Like the early church, we will hold a baptism service on Easter Sunday as a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the new life we have in Him, the eternal life made possible by His work on the cross and the empty tomb. If you have not been baptized yet, this is a great time to take that step of faith to tell the whole world you have committed your life to following Jesus, your Lord and Savior. 
If you are ready or have questions about baptism, contact us at so we can touch base. What a great way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. (We received a generous gift in January that made it possible to purchase a new portable baptistry that we plan to use for the very first time in the new facility and then be ready to use at any time someone comes to Christ) 
Like the early church, we also want to take this time as a time of renewal. Spend regular time in prayer during this season. Ask God to examine your heart and reveal those areas that still need to be surrendered to Him. 
Take this time to pray for those who don't yet know Christ. Join us on the prayer walk through the neighborhood around the church facility, Saturday, February 29, 9-10am. Prayer walk your own neighborhood. Pray for those among your family and friends who do not yet know Jesus. Trust God to do amazing things. 
Wouldn't it be amazing to see people come to Christ this Easter? That's why prayer is so important; it prepares hearts for God to work. 
For the next few weeks, many Christians around the world will change the way they live, eat, spend their time, how they pray, think and relate to others. Let's join them as together as one, as we prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter. 
Easter Sunday - April 12th: Who will you invite?