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Each week in the newsletter, we will be highlighting a different Ministry Team to let everyone know how everything comes together to help make Bridges the place it is. 

There are some incredible people doing some incredible things, making it possible to connect with what God is doing here. That is what Ministry Teams are all about. 

This week, the spotlight is on the First Impressions Team – the team that greets you at the door and says good-bye at the end of the service. They’re the ones you see in the parking lot and who help get the food and drinks all ready for you. Their role is to make you feel welcomed and at home.  

Jill Harden leads this team, so we asked her a few questions: 

What are the top 3 things you want people to know about your ministry?

The First Impressions Team helps people feel welcomed and like they belong by loving as Jesus loves. We aim to eliminate unknowns- trying to knock down any barriers that could be in the way of a person experiencing God. Being on the First impressions Team is very simple and straight forward: smile and say hello! But still very impactful.

What is 1 thing people should know about you?

I am a stay at home/ homeschool mom from the Midwest who misses the snow and loves the show The Office.

What does following Jesus look like in your life? 

I follow Jesus daily by saying ‘yes’ to what He calls me to. Being patient with my children, reaching out to a family member who is struggling, giving my time to someone who needs to be heard, humbly asking for wisdom and help - all of these are my ‘yeses’ to Jesus.

When you see Jill or any of the team on Sundays, be sure to thank them for all they do each week.

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