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Each week in the newsletter, we will be highlighting a different Ministry Team to let everyone know how everything comes together to help make Bridges the place it is. 

There are some incredible people doing some incredible things, making it possible to connect with what God is doing here. That is what Ministry Teams are all about. 

This week, the spotlight is on the Small Group Leadership Team. These are the individuals that facilitate and host the variety of Small Groups that meet throughout the week.  

Here are some things to know about this crew of servants.   

Who’s on first? What’s on second?

This fall we have some returning and some new(er) leaders at some returning and some new(er) locations. If you’re not sure who these names belong to, that’s ok. Stop by the connect table in the lobby next Sunday and check out the signup sheets for photos of some of the leaders. Or, ask Brandon. He’d be happy to introduce you!

  • Bob Fye and Bill Tatum lead a group that meets at the Tatum home.
  • Rodney Harden leads a group that meets at his home with his wife, Jami.
  • Patrick and Stacey Norris, with Jim and Laurie Keegan, lead a group that meets at the Norris home.
  • Brandon Peak leads a group that meets in the BTG Ministry Center at the church property.
  • Jacob and Jill Harden lead a group that meets at Scott and Erin Littleton’s home. 

3+1 Things to know about Small Groups and the Team.

  1. Small groups at Bridges focus on four keys: 1) Fellowship 2) Prayer 3) God’s Word 4) Service. 
  2. Individual groups currently range in size from 10-17 people. The leaders of each group focus on equipping these folks and building up the body of Christ, in unity and love. (Ephesians 4:11-16)
  3. While some in the list above do happen to have degrees in various fields, there are no diploma requirements in order to be a Small Group Leader. God still does extraordinary things through ordinary people who love Jesus, love His Church, and have been gifted by the Holy Spirit for His glory. 

One last thing you should know – I have to give a shout-out to a number of others at Bridges who lead small group expressions outside of the ones listed above or on our signup sheets. God is moving in multiple groups that meet in homes, in the workplace, and at local restaurants. To those leading these groups, reading this newsletter, you know who you are, and you should know that we love you, are praying for you, and are overjoyed to see God work through you. Keep fighting the good fight!

What does it look like to lead a Small Group?

The beauty of Small Groups is that no two Small Groups look exactly alike. They all have the key elements of #1 above with fellowship, prayer, God’s Word, and service. They all run about 90 minutes per session (give or take). But some may lean more heavily into prayer. Some may lean more heavily into the study of the Bible. This usually corresponds with how the leader is spiritually gifted. 

Leaders prepare through the week as needed depending on whether the group is doing a book-of-the-Bible study, a topical study, or a curriculum study. It’s all uniquely catered to the abilities and willingness of the leader, and the makeup and needs of the group.

It’s not our goal to force future leaders into a ‘mold’, but rather to help them discover and cultivate chemistry in the group, where shared purpose and shared mission can take root. This means that usually the Small Group Leaders are less focused on teaching new information. These are not classes – no need to raise hands to answer a question or to use the restroom. They are groups – focused on being together, growing together, serving together, in Christ together.  

I’m interested… but don’t want to lead. Can I still help?

There are generally three ways of jumping onto the leadership pathway for Small Group Leadership. In a very broad sense, there are opportunities to host, to be an apprentice lead, and to be the lead. Hosting is a great way to open your home or to be the host in someone else’s home or space – to be the warm and inviting face that welcomes people into the group session. Apprentice leadership builds the tools in you to guide group meetings and test-run what leadership might look like, all while in a safe and familiar environment. Leading then is the work of cultivating fruit on other people’s trees as the members develop in the purpose, focus, and mission of the group overall. 

What’s the need?

There will continue to be a population around us that needs to be more connected to Christ. Small Groups are a great way to see those connections begin to happen. The harvest is plentiful, and there will continue to be a need for workers of the harvest – the next generation of hosts, apprentices, and leaders – to head to the fields (Matthew 9:37-38). 

Perhaps the Holy Spirit is nudging you to take the next step to meet this need. If you are interested in finding out more about the team, or how to get involved as a future host, apprentice, or leader, contact us at