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Each month we want to highlight one of our Missions Partners who help spread the Gospel throughout the world.

This month we are focusing on In the Gap Ministries near Globe, Arizona. Ministry Leaders, Robert and Liz Crews have given their lives to serving the Apache people there and are making a huge impact as God works in and through them. Here is a chance to get to know a little more about them.

In the Gap

1. What are the top 3 things people should know about your ministry?
  1. We are here to tell people about Jesus.
  2. We do that by building intentional relationships. We are running a workshop to teach woodworking and construction skills, how to obtain and hold a job, and building self-esteem. We do a Bible study with the workers.
  3. The workshop builds beds for families in need, so kids don't sleep on the floor. The workers learn the skills to build them, help deliver them to families, and give back to their community.
2. What is a story that best exemplifies what God is doing there?

Boyo, our longest-term worker, has been telling people what he does and connecting with families in need of beds and Jesus. He shares with them. He helps to build beds for them and then delivers beds. In this process we have connected with many families. We met a grandma who asked how she could get a bed for her 2 grandkids sleeping on a floor in a trailer. We delivered beds to them, prayed with them, and shared with them. We are making more connections through the Apache people working with us.

3. What is 1 key thing people should know about you?

We love the Apache people and being able to love them unconditionally as Jesus does, every day. Every day we get to learn new things about them.

4. What does following Jesus look like in your life?

24/7 every day we wake up knowing we have to depend on Him. Our life, ministry life, whatever the day may bring, we know we cannot do it without God. 

5. How can we be praying for you?

Personally - for our health, for the ministry, there is a family wanting to join us and we are praying for guidance in that decision. 

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