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It’s a new year. Welcome to 2024. 

This year at Bridges we have a lot of new things coming – a new year, a new theme, a new mission statement and a new worship leader. So much to look forward ahead – it’s going to be a great year as we follow Jesus.  

Introducing our new Worship Leader… 

Christian Holloman is our new Worship Leader. He has been leading behind the scenes for the past 3 months and now it is time to make it official beginning January 1, 2024. Christian has a great heart for the Lord and for leading people to worship Him. He and his wife Breanna started coming to Bridges in the Spring of last year, and both stepped right up to serve, Christian in the band and Breanna in the tech booth. Both have incredible servant’s hearts and a shared love for Jesus. Christian works full time at Southern Fasteners but gives his time above and beyond to serve Bridges. Please welcome both Christian and Breanna and encourage them in the days to come.

Introducing a New Mission Statement…

Helping People Find and Follow Jesus! This has been a while in the making as God has been working in our lives with a new sense of urgency and a desire to see Him do more in our lives as individuals and as a church. We want everyone to know that at Bridges we want to put the spotlight on Jesus. He is the answer that everyone needs, and the greatest thing we can do for anyone is to help them find and follow Him. So, from here on, our goal, our focus will be to help people find and follow Jesus in everything we do.

Introducing a New Theme …

Come this Sunday and discover our theme for 2024!

Join us in prayer as we step out in faith in a new year ahead! God is leading us to even greater things. He is good – everything He does is good & everything will turn out for good as we follow Him into a new year and beyond.